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XE | xe.com | XE Currency Conversion | xe rates and xe forex
Online forex trading explained and analyzed.


Xe well known as XE currency conversion is an international currency conversion and currency trading site based in Ontario, Canada which since 1994-1995 has been online offering online foreign exchange services to the public. Over time xe has managed to add a number of services to its portfolio of services including a number of currency tools, currency conversion tools, and forex trading offerings coming under abbreviations and of the main domain name with services including xe forex, xe foreign exchange, xe currency update service and xe forex news. The products and services offered by xe.com range in the area of foreign exchange, currency exchange, delivery to third parties by wire transfer or delivery of cash, forex news, fx trading tips, live currency rates, past currency rates and currency tables and money conversion services.


Although the domain name xe.com is not really directly interpreted to anything to do with currencies it has managed to become a milestone and a benchmark for all types of currency transactions that are operated via the internet ranging from simple currency conversion to forex trading and currency charts due to the mass usage of the xe.com website from across the 5 continents from users that belong to a range of categories ranging from traders to simple civilians which want to travel abroad or buy something via the internet in a foreign currency. Back in 1994 when the domain was purchased by the Bernic Farmer Ceo of today’s xe.com, Farmer had bought the domain choosing the two letters from the two letters of the atomic symbol Xenon which has today become increasingly popular due to the usage of the chemical gas in luxury vehicle headlights which seek to produce high intensity discharge leading to increased daylight from vehicle front lights therefore increasing both visibility and safety. During the years that passed the internet became more popular and Farmer changed the company name to xe.com Inc. from Xenon laboratories which was its original name.

XE Currency Conversion

The Xe currency conversion service is a totally free of charge service which is open for internet users from across all the 5 continents to use to convert amounts of money for speculative or commercial purposes through the xe.com website. The main xe.com homepage tool will allow the end user to enter his desired amount and select the base and end currency in order to determine the current value of an X amount one currency to a Y amount of the other. Rates are in full real time and are based on the xe universal currency converter. Travellers, internet buyers and individuals which use the xe currency conversion tool should note that rates presented on xe.com will in most cases be slightly in your favor in contrast to rates which you might find at your local bank when wishing to convert money or rates to which your credit card might be charged when purchasing goods or services from a foreign country and in a foreign currency via the internet as banks usually do charge a mark up and a commission; nevertheless online forex traders will most likely find very much similar forex rates to the rates offered by forex brokers. The note might be irrelevant to online traders as they will be most likely using the tools found within the trading platform of their forex broker but it has been stated to clear out the fact that the rates of xe.com currency conversion cannot be the exact same with the rates found at banks.

Xe Rates

As mentioned above the foreign exchange rates listed under xe rates are real time rates which are updated live from the in house system used by xe.com and the partnering websites which use the widgets provided by xe free of charge to webmasters and advertisers. Traders that use the xe forex trading services will benefit from engaging and exchanging their base currency with the rates presented by the xe forex rates presented across the site.

In addition to the live xe rates which are presented on the main website xe.com offers end users the opportunity to locate currency charts, historical xe rates and currency conversion rates which can be selected to exported for usage of forex analysis in csv format.

Even more users can select to keep updated on the live rates provided by xe.com by email updates which can be delivered directly to the subscribers inbox. The alerts and the tools are also present as applications and plugins for the majority of smart phones including iphone, blackberry and mobile phones using Android.

Xe Forex

Xe forex is a foreign exchange service provided within the xe.com website in alliance with custom house and enables users to sign up and issue a real trading account and trade currencies online with the security of a licensed and respected forex brokerage house. The services users will be able to access through xe forex are very much similar to the normal services forex traders will find at the majority of fx brokers with the addition that customers at xe forex will be able to benefit from a basket of services including global payments, cash exchange and delivery in addition to the above mentioned and explained.

Xe Forex News

Xe forex news is part of the services provided by the xe.com basket of services and provides forex news, forex tips and forex signals to speculators, traders and visitors in regards to the fluctuations and movements of worldwide currencies. In addition in the xe forex news section traders and visitors will have the opportunity to draw their own conclusions and create their own forex signals which will assist them in making the correct decision of when to exchange money and therefore benefit from a favored exchange rate or either when to close a trade and secure the best possible profit.