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Online forex trading explained and analyzed.


BabyPips.com is a forex education and forex discussion board owned by BabyPips.com LLC. which belongs to the same family of sites with freshipis.com, meetpips.com, reviewpips.com and askpips.com. Babypips presents trading education in its own unique way by presenting trading in a kinder garden presentation with carton characters and cartoonish blackboards presenting step by step lessons to beginner traders on how to trade forex effectively and efficiently by first getting a base knowledge of the main forex terminology and the main features which add up the foreign exchange market.

The site is not known to be owned by a forex operator but it does make income from advertising forex trading brokers within its ad space. Within baby pips traders will find a vertical coverage of the main features of forex trading covered with a discussion board, several forex blogs, trading tools and through the babypips forum which new forex traders can sign up and join for free and therefore benefit from tips, advice and other traders views which are shared within the threads posted by members of the babypips.com website.


Babypips.com is derived from the two words baby and pip which reveal a character to the website themselves through a combination of the word baby and the term pip which in forex terminology refers to a very small measure of change in a currency pair in the forex trading market. A pip is a standardized unit and is the smallest amount by which a currency quote can change, which usually represents the 4th decimal in usual currency pairs; a pip is more commonly referred to as 1/100th of 1%, or one basis point.

The overall idea of babypips.com is to uniquely represent a step by step way on how to trade in the forex market which more precisely targets the way of thinking of novice traders which don’t really have an idea of how to trade but are keen to enjoy the benefits of trading currencies online from any remote location and therefore being able to enjoy the lucrative benefits the forex market reveals.

Overall we consider babypips.com as an overall respected forex portal and we do recommend it as a source of free information regarding forex trading; nevertheless we must note that although the website does present forex trading in a cartoonish manner, forex involves a substantial risk as trading in the forex market involves funds which can be lost to wrong trading decisions which is why we advise that if using any of the services offered at babypips.com you should have in mind that forex trading is not a game and surely not a cartoon.

We appreciate the time and effort put in adding up the information on www.babypips.com including the babypips forum, the babypips forex school and babypips forum as strong effort is needed to maintain the website up to date but we do make the recommendation that your real money trading decisions are well thought and always executed by having in mind your own personal needs and personal portfolio as the information tips and advise that can found on any forex forum or forex education website are the thoughts and the view of the editor which may have different way of thinking and a different portfolio than yourself.

Babypips School

The babypips school categorizes the fundamentals of forex trading in check points which the new trader can follow step by step to make his way from preschool all the way to graduation after he has successfully understood and comprehended the 8 chapters which the babypips.com school presents as the correct structure of following in order to maximize success in trading in the forex market. Once a new trader has read through an article which is filed under one of the 8 specific chapters he has the option to mark the lesson as read and proceed with the next. At each stage once a chapter and its index is completed the student gets marked pass and is elevated to the next level of forex education at the babypips school.

Babypips Forum

The babypips forum and babypips encyclopaedia known as the forexpedia is a free resource for forex, financial and market terminology which allows users to search and navigate through categories and threads of the most popular forex trading terminology in order to be able to comprehend and understand forex trading terms as they are referred within forex broker websites or forex trading platforms like the MT4 or other in house developed forex trading terminals. Within the forum new traders can read through the threads and topics posted by babypips.com editors and babypips.com users in order to understand and comprehend forex trading strategies and forex trading analysis.

Babypips Blog

Babypips blogs include more than 10 different blogs in which registered in house and outsourced editors post updates and thought’s about their forex trading strategy and their forex trading experiences through out the day. The babypips blog’s are sponsored by forex brokers which maintain adverts on the right hand sidebar of all blog posts of each and every of the 12 categories which add up to blogs. Each editor posting in the blogs has a cartoonish avatar of himself in difference to other forex portals and forex blogs where editors present them selves in tailor made suits. Reading through the blogs can help a trader brainstorm and better understand and plan his day to day trading strategy but as mentioned above not all trading thoughts and strategies are fit for all traders as each trader has a different portfolio, a different trading strategy and a different perspective of the forex market in a whole in contrast to the editors on babypips which update the blogs.