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Online forex trading explained and analyzed.


Established as a Retail Broker in the capital city of Russia, Moscow, back in 1998 – Alpari (Russia), Alpari has since then exponentially expanded, opening a UK Brokerage Firm in London in 2004 – Alpari (UK) – and a US Brokerage firm in New York in 2006 – Alpari (US). The three companies are independent and each is regulated by their local regulatory authority. Alpari Forex Broker is one of the world’s most rapidly growing Forex, Precious Metals and online CFD trading services provider, serving both retail, professional and institutional investors with 29 main offices in 10 different countries built to accommodate the needs of local offices clientele that covers over 150 countries. Some of the main locations of such Alpari Brokerage firms include Mumbai, London, New York, Shanghai, Moscow, Dubai and Frankfurt. Alpari employs more than 400 employees worldwide, has over 330K active client accounts and reports a monthly trading volume in excess of $147 Billion.

Regulation: The three different Alpari brokers are regulated by different government regulators; in the United Kingdom the Alpari brokerage firm is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), the CTFC and NFA in the United States and the Financial Regulation Agency (FRA) in Russia. Due to this there are some differences in the offerings with regards to the investment services by each Alpari broker. Retail clients are also protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) of the UK.

Alpari Language Offerings

    Alpari (US) is available in:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
    Alpari (UK) is available in:

  • English
  • German
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
    Alpari (Russia) is available in:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Turkish
  • Chinese
  • Indonesian
  • Arabic
  • Persian

Alpari Trading Platforms

Alpari (UK & US) provide the following range of trading platforms for its Clients, some of which may only be accessible from Alpari (UK) as the Alpari (US) is limited to the first four listed below:

  • Alpari Metatrader 4 – An award winning platform of online trading software, developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp. that, through Alpari’s customization and its default settings, provides for advanced charting, instant execution and request execution, a complete technical analysis package, Exper Advisors, a multilingual platform interface, historical database management and much more. This is also available for Alpari (Russia) and is available for MT4 PDA and Smartphone Editions.
  • Alpari MetaTrader 4 Pro account – this platform is customized for Alpari’s Pro client’s with the inclusion of all the advantages of the abovementioned Alpari MT4 platform including a No re-quotes policy, spreads as low as 1 pip, No Dealing Desk Execution, multiple banks as liquidity providers for more than 35 currency pairs.
  • Alpari Direct – Alpari Direct is powered by the Electronic Communications Network (ECN) provider, Currenex, and is a trading platform that has been tailored for clients that wish to trade with higher volumes in the Forex market at faster speeds with competitive pricing. This is also available for Alpari (Russia).
  • Alpari Direct Pro – Similar to the Alpari Direct, the Alpari Direct Pro is also powered by Currenex and allows for Straight Through Process (STP) trading without the interference of a Dealing Desk providing for faster execution. It is designed for money mangers, institutional traders and high net worth individuals. The Alpari Direct Pro offers the possibility to see market depth and as such provides for complete market transparency. This is also available for Alpari (Russia).
  • Alpari QTrader – An online Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading platform which offers the ability to execute trades through one click dealing with the aid of a real time financial charting package which includes a number of major indicators and the ability to test historical data. The fully customizable interface provides for trading in a wide range of markets including Shares, Stock Indices, DMA equities, interest rates and much more. The Alpari QTrader platform also comes with market news from the integrated Reuters information service.
  • Alpari L2Dealer – A professional-level trading platform allowing traders to directly place orders within an exchange’s electronic order book and instantaneously a CFD position is created

In addition Alpari offers a Demo version of the upcoming new metatrader platform MT5 which you can access within minutes. Most MT4 users will be happy with this as it is to be the next revolutionary platform from MetaQuotes

Alpari (Russia) also provides the Alpari ZuluTrade trading platform, an automated trading platform which enables traders to trade without actually being in front of their computers and carrying out the trades themselves. The traders can choose from a number of signals which to follow and Zulu trades fro them in accordance to that signal. Another advantage of Zulu trading is that it works with instant execution and a no requites policy as there is in fact in use a No Dealing Desk technology.

Alpari Forex Education

Alpari (US) provides its own branded Alpari Academy as a source of education freely for all of Alpari’s web browsers in which comprehensive tutorials and webinars can be obtained. Such information is provided by Learning Markets, an impartial provider of high quality online educational information. The information within such webinars is supplemented by high standard seminars hosted by Schneider Trading Associates (STA) – A leader in the global trading facilitation, authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

The Alpari (UK) provides the Alpari Research section on their website which includes various weekly Fundamental and Technical analysis for the Forex Market, in depth equities research reports, Web television made for both Forex and equities news and various other technical and fundamental reports. The presentation of the information is very user friendly and easy to navigate through, however some of the reports due require you to be a client of theirs in order to view. Alpari (Russia) offers a range of educational and informative material which includes; Financial news, Technical Analysis for Forex, Indexes, Sectors, Stocks, Bonds,and commodities, an Autochartist Technical Analysis Program and the Alpari Squawk which is basically a live Market commentary. Alpari (Russia) does provides a vast amount of informative material and tools to help traders, the most of which are available if you have an existing real account with them.

Deposit and Withdrawals at Alpari

As the Alpari Forex brokerages in the US, UK and Russia are independent entities; as such the deposit and withdrawal methods vary for each one. With Alpari (UK)clients may not deposit via PayPal, E-Gold, or any other Internet payments as per their regulator’s anti-money laundering legislations. You may however deposit by Credit/Debit cards, which will be credited within one hour of receipt on normal working hours. Alpari (UK) also accepts deposits made by Bank Wire transfer which will be credited to your account within one business day upon receipt. Standard Withdrawals with Alpari (UK) via Bank wire transfer within the EU will take up to 3 working days and outside of the EU may take up to 5 working days. Alpari (UK) will not charge any fees on deposits or withdrawals made via Bank Wire or Debit payments; however they will pass on the fee for any credit card payments of 1.75% for transactions below $3000.

With Alpari (US) clients may deposit via Paypal, check or a bank wire transfer that is in the name of the individual or corporation as the case may be. Accounts can only be funded in USD. Withdrawal times take no longer than 24 hours to be processed by Alpari (US). There is no charge for the withdrawal of funds from Alpari (US) however they will pass on the fee incurred by them for Bank wire transfers. Alpari (Russia) offers the following methods of deposit: Bank Wire Transfer, Visa, MasterCard, Webmoney card, Moneybookers, Ukash vouchers and Dixiplay. Alpari (Russia) withdrawals can be made via Bank wire transfer, Electronic transfer to WebMoney, Moneybookers or Dixipay.

Alpari Forex Account Types

Alpari provides a free non expiring demo account for all its clients from all Alpari Brokerage websites, with the MT4 platform from the United Kingdom and Russia sites being given in a more complete basis than the US download. Both Demo and live accounts are easy to open with the Demo account, like many other brokers, being accessible within less than a minute due to less fields needing to be filled in. Multiple accounts may be held with Alpari (UK).

    Alpari (UK) offers the following three account types that can be obtained with a base currency of USD, GBP, EUR, JPY or CHF

  • Alpari Micro – available for MT4, Alpari micro offers spreads from as low as 1.6 pips for 32 currency pairs. The minimum opening deposit is $200 and clients can trade between 0.01 – 2 standard lots per transaction. Leverage can be obtained up to 500:1.
  • Alpari Classic – available for MT4 and Systematic, Alpari Classic offers spreads from as low as 1.6 pips for 32 currency pairs, Gold, Silver and 106 CFD Instruments. The minimum opening deposit for the Alpari Classic is $500 and clients can trade a minimum of 0.1 lots for Forex, 1 lot for share CFD’s and 0.1 lots for Commodity CFD’s.
  • Alpari Pro – Available for MT4 Pro, Alpari Direct and Alpari Direct Pro; Alpari Pro offers spreads from as low as 0 pips on 57 pairs with a maximum leverage of 100:1. The minimum deposit size is $20,000 with a minimum trade size of 3 standard lots. There is commission charged for the Alpari Pro as there is a No Dealing Desk (NDD) execution.
    Alpari (US) offers the following two account types, that can be obtained only with a USD base currency

  • Alpari Standard– available for MT4, the Alpari Standard account provides trading for 23 currency pairs including Silver and Gold. There is a maximum leverage of 50:1, due to US regulatory restrictions. The minimum opening deposit is $250, with a minimum trade size of 0.01 standard lots.
  • Alpari Pro – available for MT4, Alpari Direct and Alpari Direct Pro, the Alpari Pro platform provides trading for 38 currency pairs with a No Dealing Desk execution and a maximu leverage of 50:1. The minimum opening deposit is $10,000 and minimum trade size is 0.1 standard lots. The Alpari Direct and Direct Pro provide Market depth and the Alpari Direct Pro comes as a web based platform.
    Alpari (Russia) offers a range of account types that accord to each of its available platforms

  • For the MT4 platform – There are 8 possible accounts you may open according to your preference and trading needs; these are a micro.mt4, micro.mt4.swapfree, classic.mt4, classic.mt4.swapfree, pamm.mt4 (also available for NDD and ECN), classic.ndd.mt4, pro.ecn.mt4 and demo.mt4.
  • For the Systematic platform – there are 4 account types; classic.systematic, classic.systematic.swapfree, pamm.systematic and demo.systematic.
  • For the Alpari Direct (with currenex) platform – you have only one real account which is the pro.direct and in addition you have demo.direct
  • For Alpari ZuluTrade platform – there are three account types; the classic.zulutrade, classic.ndd.zulutrade and demo.zulutrade.

Alpari Review

Overall it is not a surprise that Alpari is one of the leading Forex brokers in today’s Forex industry as more than a decade of experience within the market has allowed Alpari to expand and diversify through its establishment of three independent branches, all of which have their own unique features and attributes, that when combined together suffice for all traders needs. In addition the vast educational material available as well as fundamental and technical analysis allows Alpari traders to take full advantage of the information available within the market before placing an order.

The availability of a No Dealing Desk, ECN and an STP execution process for its clients to choose from allows Alpari to accommodate to all client’s needs via there 3 independent entities. There are however some small drawbacks when the Alpari entities are viewed separately, with Alpari (US) having only one base currency for clients to keep accounts with a maximum leverage of 50:1. Limited number of account types with the US as well as limited platforms in comparison with Alpari (UK) and Alpari (Russia) also place Alpari (US) on the backfoot.

*Alpari Accepts US Clients at Alpari US