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Online forex trading explained and analyzed.

Action Forex

Action Forex is an above average independent forex trading gateway which acts as a forex news, forex analysis and forex education portal with forex action insight analysis of both forex and stock markets. Action forex offers forex analysis on a day to day basis with notes and comments about movements of the forex markets which are derived by actionforex.com analysts which amongst tools and other offerings post news, market news trade ideas and forecasts of major currency pairs.

The tools offered are in their majority in house developed and include action bias, pivot points, economic calendars and a comprehensive database of forex trading educational material.

Within actionforex.com traders will have the opportunity to keep posted on the latest market and forex news and will benefit from analysis which is attached with the latest market news, social and political news in addition to a brief economic update which is offered 2 times a day during the European and American trading session.


Action forex or Action Fx as referred from more experienced traders is a great gateway for traders similarly to many other respected financial and currency trading portals as it offers a number of useful tools and news archives which can kick start you in analyzing the forex market wisely. Moreover as a new trader you will have the ability to educate yourself and comprehend the most used terms in forex trading and therefore get a better understanding of where you stand when beginning with trading online.

Traders are overall recommended to always make use of as much data as possible as information is always valuable as long as it is not abused and not digested as received. Data collected from any forex news or forex analysis portal is valuable as long as it is analyzed and brought to your own trading capabilities and proportions.

Be careful to which newsletters you sign up as action forex similarly to any other forex portal cooperates with other sources for forex education which in many cases require you to share personal details and contact emails which can cause spam behaviour when any portal attempts to sign you up at the forex brokers they work with best and therefore receive a compensation for their services.

As a final note we surely do not discourage any of our customers to make usage of tools and data found on third party websites including action forex but we do always stress that trading in the forex market is not a game and surely is not easy as some might conclude at first glance which therefore interprets to what has been mentioned and explained above in each and every category which review and explain action forex.

Actionforex.com Tools

As referred to above actionforex.com offers a number of in house developed tool which estimate currency movements based on in house developed and hosted algorithms which seek to assist traders with planning their trading strategy. Action Forex recommends the tools as an aid to assist traders on compassing their day to day enter and exit strategy in the forex market.

The most widely used and popular tools offered at actionforex.com are forex top movers and market volatility tools in addition to action insight. The first offers a heads up of the dominant direction of the markets with comparisons of the top 28 crosses giving you a general outlook of what is happening in the market. The second offers a volatility report which reports how fast one currency is moving against another and therefore can operate as an aid of anticipation of nasty moves and costly trades. The last mentioned popularly known as action insight offers traders an insight algorithm view of the most traded currency pairs and determines probable movements in the currency trading market.

What to look out for on Action Forex?

Please note that the currency trading and forex analysis tools offered on actionforex are both innovative and breakthrough but however they are not to be used as precise trading tools as they do not determine currency movements but rather they predict market flow based on previous and present data collected from the algorithm itself. The tools can be very useful and can assist monitoring the markets but they cannot be used as a benchmark or as a point of reference towards determining trading decisions.

We would not say that we do not recommend our traders to use the tools which can be found on action forex but we of course have the responsibility to note that they are not to be used as reference to trades as they are produced by a computer system which might not take in to account political pressures and breaking news which overall can change the outcome of traders in a whole. As you can understand efficient and effective forex trading is not about finding one source or one forex signal which is posted on actionforex or any other forex news or trading portal or journal and taking that as guidance for trading; but more about digesting and interpreting various sources of data and therefore combining them to conclude to a final decision of cultivating a day in and day out trading strategy.